We accept money transfers in euros, US dollars and local currency of our agents. If you send money in one currency, and it is convenient for the receiver to pick up them in another currency, our system will automatically exchange them for you at no extra charge.

Our clients are free to send money in various ways, being sure that the transaction is fast and secure. You can send money in cash to the account, to the card and to cash pick up.

The document that identifies your identity: a passport, or other ID-document.

You can come to the office of the Agent from which you sent the transfer for a refund if the transfer has not yet been received in the country of destination or credited to a card of your choice.

You will need to return to the agent’s office when you have sent a transfer and inform a bug or contact our customer support team.

Ask at the Agent’s office or use the online calculator.

As soon as the transfer is sent, the transfer can be received in a minute*.
Come to the Agent's office, name the transfer number and provide your ID document. If you send money to a card, in some cases the transfer may take up to 2 days, depending on the rules of the issuing bank of the receiver card. Our system performs the transaction instantly.

You save up to 30% commission using instant and safe service.

The security of your operations has the highest priority for us. BEST FINANCE transfers are carried out in full compliance with the requirements of the laws of the countries in which you are making your money transfers, as well as complying with European security standards and the rules of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

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