Who can become an agent of Best Finance

In Europe, more than 20 million migrants work everyday and they have an urgent need to send money to their loved ones home. Therefore, the international money transfer market is rapidly growing and expanding. We have a very modern and prosperous approach – our service.

If you are a local business owner in your city, you can attract new customers and earn more by becoming an agent of the Best Finance international transfer system. If you are the owner of an exchange office, payment institution, small financial business or your business is related to sales or providing services, then contact us for further cooperation.

We invite to cooperate:

  • exchange points
  • shops
  • banks
  • courier and postal services
  • microfinance organizations
  • service companies

Take another important step towards achieving your financial stability. Discover different opportunities for your business: cooperation with Best Finance will help new customers find you faster.

Five main reasons to become an agent of Best Finance


Big Profit 

The more transfers you make as an agent, the more money you earn. This is a significant benefit in source of money income in addition to your personal business.


New customers

All of the people who come to you to transfer money can become your potential customers. Especially, if your business is located in a busy area; close to metro station, near a public transport stop, in a large shopping center (mall) or in a tourist area.


Start a new business without investing money

Start your business from scratch. You will not need to invest in equipment and staff training. We will provide everything you need to make transfers. As well as, conducting training and regular consultations. Our agent support service will aid you in need. We will help with the advertising campaign of the service.


Receive money for recommendations

Best Finance plans to develop a large agency network and operate in all countries of the European union and the former CIS. Help us develop an agent network throughout the world. Tell your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and everyone you deem important about Best Finance.


Help your community

It will be very much convenient for your regular customers, neighbors and relatives to use a safe and reliable money transfer service in your area.

Where is the agent support?

Choose a convenient method of communication: chat, mail, messengers, telephone. We are ready to help 24/7

Apply for and become an agent of Best Finance

Still having questions or doubts? Contact our manager and ask everything that troubles you about becoming a Best Finance Agent. Write to us at: info@bestfinance.lt enter the subject of email: "Agent"